General requirements about passing other vehicles

I have put this section up due to a number of messages from motorcyclists who have complained about being pulled over for passing lines of slow moving traffic.

The interpretation of the Traffic Act appears to be that it is legal to do so so long as you don’t break the speed limit and have 100m clear visibility during the entire maneuver.

(1) A driver must not pass or attempt to pass another vehicle moving in the same direction unless—
(a) the movement can be made with safety; and
(b) the movement is made with due consideration for other users of the road; and
(c) sufficient clear road is visible to the driver for the passing movement to be completed without impeding or being likely to impede any possible opposing traffic; and
(d) until the passing movement is completed, the driver has a clear view of the road and any traffic on the road for at least 100 m in the direction in which the driver is travelling.
(2) Subclause (1)(c) and (d) does not apply if the passing vehicle and the vehicle being passed are in different lanes and are, throughout the passing movement, either on a one-way road or on the same side of the centre line.
(3) A driver must not, when passing another vehicle moving in the same direction, move into the line of passage of that vehicle until the manoeuvre can be made safely and without impeding the movement of that other vehicle.

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