Road Rage!

Have You Been Cut Up, Carved Up, Undertook or Dangerously Overtook, Dazzled or Flashed By An Ignorant, Anti Social, Mooron…

Then Don’t Get Mad, Get Even!

Before you next get into your car, arm yourself with a pen and paper.

And if some roadhog, baboon makes you see red due to their total lack of driver etiquette, simply take their registration number and exact your revenge here!.

From the original Drivers Revenge: Frustration, anger, antagonism, fury, selfishness and ignorance – are all traits possessed by some of today’s drivers.

Congestion, smog, road noise, tight deadlines and road works – is it any wonder a new phenomenon called Road Rage has entered our modern vocabulary?

It really is extremely difficult these days to undertake a journey and not arrive at your destination without having some form of confrontation with, or at least having your blood pressure raised by another driver.

Until now many people found their anger boil to such a level they felt compelled to wind down the window and scream obscenities at the offending driver; worse still pull them over at the next junction, drag them from their car and proceed to beat them to a pulp.

In the USA this happens more rarely, they calmly drive along side and blow the brains out of the driver who’s upset them!!!


Physiologists will tell you that when you’re in your car you feel you’re sitting in your own personal space; this is your world and no one can enter.

When someone upsets you on the road it’s not a problem to call them all the names under the sun and throw up the finger; this is your world, you’re safe here and no harm you.


Upset the wrong person and rest assured they will get out or their car, invade your space with ultimate force, and often cause you serious harm.

So there are two areas where Drivers’ Revenge helps.

Firstly there is a kind of therapy for the wronged driver; the innocent who has become the victim of some moronic imbecile, whose only concern is to get down the local shop for some cigarettes, or something even less important.

They would race around the streets with pure contempt for the rest of us and there was nothing you could do about it… until now!

I for one have a terrible temper, especially when a Roadhog decides to treat me with utter derision.  It wouldn’t happen in the Restaurant or at the Supermarket so why do some people take on such a bad attitude when the get behind the wheel???

I was forever losing my cool… point is, it gets you nowhere.

Short of resorting to violence, which is ridiculous, there really is nothing you could do for recourse against the offending driver except sit and steam.

Oh yes, the police will advise you to give them a call… just try it next time someone nearly drives you off the road – note the use of the word  ‘nearly’ because for the police to be able to do anything without a group of friendly witnesses will involve the offender actually hitting you.

This then becomes and accident and not and the sort of confrontation we encounter daily as motorists.

We get angry, shout, swear and gesticulate. All this stress only ages you!

Now I have to say there’s a real sense of satisfaction and one-upmanship when you simply take the thoughtless numbskull’s registration number and put their details on the Worldwide Web.

It’s a real stuff you, up yours, got my own back, sort of a thing.

Drivers’ Revenge is viewed by huge numbers of people so the chances are, the simpleton who upset you will soon do a search for their registration and Bingo! – you’ve left them a nice little message about what they did to offend you, and more importantly how you feel about it!

The best part is you stay calm, and don’t risk upsetting the antisocial psychopath who cut you up by calling then so.  You also avoid having them stop their car and introduce you to their favourite baseball bat!

A perfect win, win situation wouldn’t you agree?

From now on… Don’t get mad, get even!

BUT… Driver’s Revenge is also a place to leave a message for good, considerate, thoughtful drivers.

Make someone’s day and let them know that their selflessness is appreciated – and maybe someone will do the same for you before long!


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